MOOC Comparison Tool

On this website, we explore the Top MOOCs available today. What does MOOC mean and what is it? It’s an acronym that stands for a Massive Open Online Course.

MOOC Comparison Tool

Compare MOOCs

What Can I Do With the MOOC Comparison Tool?

This tool gives you direct comparisons of the features of each platform, including:

  • The number of courses offered
  • Whether or not they have a free trial and/or refund policy.
  • What subjects are covered.
  • Can anyone create a course or only accredited teachers?
  • And lots more relevant data which is presented in easy to read comparison tables.
MOOC Comparison Tool
This is what one of our MOOC Comparison Tool results look like.

What Services Our Currently Included in Our MOOC Comparison Tool?

Here are all the online learning platforms that we have currently reviewed and entered into our MOOC Comparison Tool. If there is a MOOC which we have not yet reviewed that you would like to see included, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider your request for inclusion. Without any further ado, here are the current learning platforms available in our MOOC Comparison Tool:

Some MOOCs are low-cost, others are subscription based that give you access to all their courses, while others require you to purchase courses à la carte, as you need them. Some MOOCs can even provide full college degrees from ivy league universities, while most at least offer certifications that you can add to your résumé or curriculum vitae. These online certificates and degrees can help get your foot in the door to some cutting edge industries and emerging technologies, as well as further any classical field.

You can view an archive of all our MOOC comparisons here.

Here is a list of all our MOOC comparisons: