Survey Results: COVID-19, Online Courses & Remote Education

Online learning has recently grown in popularity due to the lockdown restrictions of COVID-19.

I created a survey that asked whether or not these restrictions have effected the respondent’s likelihood to use online learning courses and classes. There were 40 respondents in total, with 65% of them aged 18 to 49, and the other 35% being aged 17 or younger.

How much do you think COVID-19 has increased the demand for online courses and classes?

It comes as no surprise that most people feel like COVID-19 has increased the demand for online courses. Objectively the demand for online courses and classes has increased substantially, with many schools and organizations scrambling to keep up with the demand.

For this answer, 1 means “it didn’t increase demand” and 5 means “demand is higher than ever.”

This question was a test to see if other people perceive the same heightened interest that I personally find obvious. It looks like my own bias was reflected in the results, as most people agree that online learning is in demand now more than ever.

Are you more or less likely to take an online course due to COVID-19?

Of the 40 respondents, 20 of them were actively taking online classes or had in the recent past. Surprisingly, 5 respondents (12.5%) indicated that they were less interested in online courses because of COVID-19.

What one factor do you think caused the biggest increase in demand for online courses?

90% (36 out of 40 respondents) thought the increase demand for online courses was largely due to existing students who have been forced to take online classes. The other 4 respondents blamed the increase in demand on people being stuck in their homes bored… which is actually what triggered my interest in online classes.

Honestly, I think the majority are right about this. Sure, I personally started taking online courses because I was bored and in lockdown, but I feel like the large number of schools and enrolled students far outnumbers people like me.

What benefit would most compel you to take an online course?

People were most interested in taking online classes “if they teach me a skill or knowledge that I wanted to learn.” The second most tempting thing would be if the course offered college credit or would help earn a real college degree.

Personally, I would choose all of the above, but I did force respondents to only choose one answer. If I were forced to choose one benefit, it would be the guaranteed job placement.

If you had to take online courses, which subjects would you choose?

This data speaks for itself, but I could have cleaned up the chart a bit by combining “Languages” with “Language”, “German Language” and “Japanese” so that language had 4 results.

I would study all of the above, but only because I’m more interested in learning everything rather than mastering a specific subject. Although if I were to focus on one thing, it would be IT certifications.


This wasn’t a scientific study, more of an academic curiosity more than anything else.

I was surprised by some of the entries. Yes, it might seem like a no-brainer that online learning has been affected by COVID-19, but I still think it was worth surveying people to find out their prospective.

While the pandemic is bad, learning new skills is good, so out of a bad event, many good things might happen. An increase in online learning is a great thing, so I’m glad that some good is coming out of this crazy situation.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns in the comments below.

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