Site News: You Can Now Follow This Blog on Bloglovin & More

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To expand the reach of I am reaching out to various blogging platforms and trying new social networks. Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

In other site related news, I took a bunch of Skillshare courses and then lost the video files when I got a new computer. I’m still going to publish the written side of those pieces, but it was frustrating to lose 3 videos.

Speaking of videos, I am still hoping to get the YouTube channel fleshed out. There are some uploaded videos I never published and they might end up staying that way as I refine my video productions for the channel.

Is there anything online course related that you would like to see in a YouTube video? Let me know in the comments.

I haven’t updated the list of free certificates and courses in a week and a half, but that’s only because I haven’t found anything new in that time period. If you know about a free course or certificate, let me know in the comments.

Finally, expect more diverse content in the future. The computer pranks article exploded in popularity, bringing in more visitors in 1 day than I typically get in a month. I write for my audience and apparently that is now statistically people interested in pranks! Don’t expect this to become a prank blog, but do expect some weird odd-ball articles in the future.

Thanks for making this a successful site! Let me know what you want out of the site in the comments below. I am happy to consider any feedback, comments or suggestions, so let me know how I can make this the best site for your needs.

Thanks again, and happy learning!

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