Oxbridge Programs VS Oxbridge Home Learning Comparison

What is the difference between Oxbridge Academic Programs and Oxbridge Home Learning? This article is meant to clear any confusion between these similarly named learning platforms.

You may be wondering if they are related services from the same parent organization or if they have any relationship to the illustrious Oxford and Cambridge Universities which they are named after. I will answer these questions and so much more in this complete guide to Oxbridge online courses.

Differences between Oxbridge Programs VS Oxbridge Home Learning

First off, despite their similar names and services, Oxbridge Home Learning and Oxbridge Academic Programs by WorldStrides are two separate, non-related learning platforms. Oxbridge Programs (oxbridgeprograms.com) is owned by WorldStrides, Inc while Oxbridge Home Learning (oxbridgehomelearning.uk) is owned by Oxbridge Ltd (previously known as OBX LTD.)

These two platforms may appear similar at a glance, but they are quite different if you look into them a little bit. The main difference is that:

  • Oxbridge Home Learning allows you to learn from home anywhere in the world & includes tutors, while
  • Oxbridge Academic Programs by WorldStrides allows select students age 11 to 18 to travel to one of 9 cities and take classes at a prestigious University.
If you’re the parent of a student aged 11 to 18 who may qualify to study aboard then go check out the Oxbridge Academic Programs website now to learn more, otherwise continue reading for our review and breakdown of Oxbridge Home Learning.

Our Oxbridge Home Learning Review

We’ve had a chance to fully evaluate Oxbridge Home Learning and review all aspects of their offerings. To sum up the review:

Oxbridge courses are worth it because they come with individualized help and continuous communication with your tutors whenever you have any questions. Unlike self-paced or solo courses that you take at home, with Oxbridge you’re able to enjoy the convenience of courses from home with the benefits of having a real tutor there to answer or solve any problem you encounter.

Our Review of the Website Overall

Here is a datatable breakdown of all the facts about Oxbridge courses:

Number of Courses 250+
Available Ways to PurchasePer Course
Ability to Purchase Courses Individually YES!
Lowest Priced Courses $345.00
Ability to Purchase a Subscription to Multiple Courses as an Individual
Subscription Detailsn/a
Business Plans that can be Purchased Online (Without Contacting a Sales Rep)
Starting Prices for Business Plans*Must discuss w/ sales rep
Free Trial Offer n/a
Moneyback Guarantee 14 days
Only Allows Accredited Teachers to Create Courses YES!
Learning Using Videos
Interactive Tasks YES!
Testing & Exams YES!
Earn Certificates YES!
Earn Accredited Degrees YES!
Information Technology Courses
Programming & Coding Courses
Creativity & Design Courses YES!
Business Courses YES!
Marketing Courses
Media Courses YES!
Music & Audio Courses
Data Science Courses
Personal Development Courses YES!
Course Quality Review 9.9
Course Selection Review 7.9
MOOC Platform Review 9.5
MOOC User Experience Review 9.5
Value Proposition Review 9.0
Overall Review 9.2
Visit the Website
9.2 out of 10. I think Oxbridge is great, and if they only covered more subjects I could recommend them to everyone. For IT, programming and other technical skills, look elsewhere. For everything else, take a look at Oxbridge, especially if you want some additional tutoring and human contact to keep you accountable so that you finish with a firm grasp of the subject.

That wraps up our data table. As you can see, our numerical review scores are repeated at the bottom. I’ve also included them in the footer of this article if you want to see them in graph form.

Course Quality Review

9.9 out of 10. Oxbridge has heavily screened and vetted course creators who only create high quality courses. To top that off, the fact that you have a live tutor to ask questions to means that you can quickly move past any bumps in the road.

Course Selection Review

7.9 out of 10. There are a lot of courses in the covered fields and subject matters, but there are a lot of unrepresented skills and professions. This means Oxbridge is great if they have what you’re looking for, but if they don’t offer your subject then you need to look to another platform.

MOOC Platform Review

9.5 out of 10. The standout feature is the access to a live tutor. The problem with solo or self-paced courses is that inevitably you encounter something that you just don’t understand or need additional clarification on. The tutors at Oxbridge are top-caliber and are there to guide you with solutions and answers to any question you might have. This is such a breathe of fresh air compared to other platforms, and helps justify the additional expense of choosing Oxbridge.

MOOC User Experience Review

9.5 out of 10. This part of my review is about the user experience, so things like signing-up, on-boarding, contacting tutors and support, emails, billing and other basic user experiences on their platform. I’m happy to report that their website and overall user experience is exactly what you’d expect: secure, modern, and to the point. Asking your tutor questions is easy, billing is straight forward, and nothing I looked for was more than a few clicks away. I wish more websites were laid out as logically as Oxbridge is.

Value Proposition Review

9.0 out of 10. There is no escaping the fact that Oxbridge is more expensive than a platform such as Udemy. However, the quality of these courses combined with the one-on-one help you can get from your tutors at anytime, more than make up for the extra expense. As someone who takes a lot of online courses, I have more unfinished courses sitting in my Udemy account than I care to admit. That’s not a problem with Oxbridge, because you have only the highest caliber courses provided with hands on tutoring. Because of this unique selling point, I think Oxbridge is a great value proposition for the extra accountability and help that they provide.

Are Oxbridge Academic Programs or Oxbridge Home Learning Related to Oxford or Cambridge?

The first Oxbridge study abroad program took place in 1985 at the University of Oxford. Today, the Oxbridge Academic Programs by WorldStrides includes both the University of Oxford as well as the University of Cambridge. So to answer the question, is Oxbridge Academic Programs related to Oxford or Cambridge: the answer is yes.

Oxbridge Home Learning also has some direct connections with the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge due to Oxbridge providing OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA) A-levels and GCSE qualifications. While you can take Oxbridge courses anywhere in the world, if you happen to live in the UK, you can take the practical endorsement for any “A level” science subject at their partnership center in Oxford. In addition to that, Oxbridge Home Learning have several staff members who alumni of Oxford or Cambridge, including their head math tutor: James Preston, who graduated from the University of Oxford with several degrees, including one in mathematics.

What About Oxbridge Academy or Oxbridge Applications?

The term Oxbridge is a combination of the words Oxford + Cambridge and has been confirmed to be in use since at least the year 1955. This is why the term has been used by multiple education based projects. Two more education based Oxbridge programs also exist, and maybe a few more. Instead of writing separate articles I’ve decided to throw any additional Oxbridge websites into this section of the document. To start, we have two more Oxbridge websites to examine:

  • Oxbridge Academy – This is private high-school in Florida that services grades 9 through 12.
  • Oxbridge Applications – This is a 3rd party consulting company that specializes in getting students admitted into Cambridge, Oxford, or other top UK medical and law schools.


The history of Cambridge and Oxford are long and storied, with so many influental world changers graduating from these schools. For centuries these institutions have been ingrained into the western mind as the pinnacle of Universities. That is why the term Oxbridge carries such weight. There is a historical legacy that is associated with those schools and fortunately for the brand, most modern educational ventures that use the Oxbridge name tend to live up to that high standard of excellence.

Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully it cleared up any confusion over these overlapping Oxbridge schools. If there is anything I missed or some other Oxbridge you want me to cover, be sure to leave a comment down below. Thanks again!



Course Quality Review


Course Selection Review


MOOC Platform Review


MOOC User Experience Review


Value Proposition Review



  • Dedicated tutors make it hard to fail.
  • Earn credits, certificates, awards or degrees.
  • High passing rates due to the expertly taught high quality courses.


  • Expensive when compared to cheaper, less quality-focused providers.
  • No subscription plan for individual or business users.
  • Lack of video content, although they are apparently looking to fix this soon.

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