Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning

Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning Comparison

Here is a complete overview of all the differences between Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning. Using our review, you can clearly see the better service is not easy to tell from the surface, because they are both fantastic services. However, since this review highlights all the differences between the platforms, you can expect to learn everything you need to know to choose the best online learning service for your needs.

Both companies offer a wide selection of courses on a variety of topics, which includes topics such as programming, marketing, design and other business-specific and other general skills. Let’s jump into our review of Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning.

How do the Features of Udemy Compare Against LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning
Number of Courses 130,000+ 15,000+
Available Ways to PurchasePer CoursePer Course, Subscription
Ability to Purchase Courses Individually YES! YES!
Lowest Priced Courses $0.00 $9.99
Ability to Purchase a Subscription to Multiple Courses as an IndividualNo YES!
Subscription DetailsBusiness Only * (4000+ courses included)From $29.99 per month
Business Plans that can be Purchased Online (Without Contacting a Sales Rep) YES!No
Starting Prices for Business Plans$360 per user per year*Must discuss w/ sales rep
Free Trial Offer 14 days (Team plan only) 30 day free trial
Moneyback Guarantee 30 daysNone
Only Allows Accredited Teachers to Create CoursesNoNo
Learning Using Videos YES! YES!
Interactive Tasks YES! YES!
Testing & Exams YES! YES!
Earn Certificates YES! YES!
Earn Accredited DegreesNoNo
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You have to buy each course on Udemy, while LinkedIn Learning offers individual courses or a subscription

LinkedIn Learning used to be called Lynda.com and so is one of the oldest & most respected online learning platforms. Both Udemy and LinkedIn Learning offer a large selection of courses, although Udemy has more overall courses.

Another thing to note is that Udemy requires you to purchase each course individually, while LinkedIn Learning has a subscription option that gives you access to a large number of courses with just one subscription fee, but they also allow you to purchase courses individually if you prefer. If you’re interested in paying a low fee to have access to a large selection of courses, then you should consider LinkedIn Learning’s subscription plans.

Unlike Udemy, LinkedIn Learning gives you a 30 day free trial.
Udemy offers a 30 day moneyback guarantee on their courses, while LinkedIn Learning does not. However, LinkedIn Learning has a 30 day free trial of their subscription service, and since Udemy doesn’t have a subscription service, they also don’t have a free trial.

Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning

How do the Subjects Covered by Udemy Compare Against LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning
Information Technology Courses YES! YES!
Programming & Coding Courses YES! YES!
Creativity & Design Courses YES! YES!
Business Courses YES! YES!
Marketing Courses YES! YES!
Media Courses YES! YES!
Music & Audio Courses YES! YES!
Data Science Courses YES! YES!
Personal Development Courses YES! YES!
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Both Udemy and LinkedIn Learning cover all the subjects which we write about here LearnOnline.shop, so it’s a draw in these regards. In fact, they both cover more topics than we actually cover here, so they both have an extremely wide selection of courses to choose from.

LinkedIn Learning sells individually courses, but also offers a subscription service that costs about as much per year as a course on Udemy costs at full price. Luckily for Udemy, they constantly run sales where you can buy courses for a fraction of their retail price. However, the value of LinkedIn Learning’s subscription model cannot be disputed for those who are interested in taking more than one or two courses in a year.

Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning

How do we Rate Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning
Course Quality Review 8.0 9.0
Course Selection Review 9.9 9.0
MOOC Platform Review 8.0 9.0
MOOC User Experience Review 9.0 9.0
Value Proposition Review 9.9 9.9
Overall Review 9.0 9.2
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Course Quality Review

Winner: LinkedIn Learning
It’s close, but it seems to me LinkedIn Learning removes outdated courses a little more regularly than Udemy
LinkedIn Learning and Udemy courses are made by any individual who can pass some basic screening questions and demonstrate high level knowledge of a particular skill. However, just because you know a subject, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at teaching it. This leads to some quality variations between courses on Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. This is a problem that both services share, but LinkedIn Learning seems slightly better on.

Course Selection Review

Winner: Udemy
Udemy has over 90,000 more courses than LinkedIn Learning.
The LinkedIn Learning subscription means that one payment grants you access to a large number of courses while a single payment on Udemy gets you access to 1 course. So while Udemy has over 100,000+ courses compared to LinkedIn Learning’s 15,000+, the level of access to those courses is quite drastic. Realistically, the numbers speak for themselves, as Udemy has almost ten times the number of courses as LinkedIn Learning . However, LinkedIn Learning grants you access to a large volume of courses for a low monthly fee, which means you have thousands of courses you can take as opposed to the individual courses you have to buy from Udemy.

Learning Platform Review

Winner: LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning has the superior learning platform in a few ways.
When I talk about platforms, I am talking about the ways that the site teaches you, like video tutorials, interactive projects and hands-on testing, as well as awarding certificates. Both Udemy and LinkedIn Learning have good platforms. Udemy has less consistency with how their courses are presented, making the learning process less optimized than LinkedIn Learning, but as a whole they are both comparable. The winner, with a slightly more cohesive learning template is LinkedIn Learning.

User Experience Review

Winner: Tied
Both services have good user experiences.
When we review the platform, we’re looking at the learning angles of the experience, but for the User Experience Review we look at everything else, including the sign-up process, the wait-times, the quality of courses, support, emails, billing and more. Fortunately, both of these websites provide a great overall user experience. After using both services extensively, I can say that they’re both more than serviceable and I encountered no real technical or support issues.

Value Proposition Review

Winner: Tied
Udemy frequently runs big sales, but LinkedIn Learning has a subscription option.
When Udemy runs their sales, you can get access to some expensive and worthwhile courses for rock-bottom prices. During these sales, it’s hard to argue against their value proposition. However, with a 1-month free trial to LinkedIn Learning’s subscription plan, you also have an amazing value proposition, since you can access so many courses for one price. In the end, the value proposition category is tied since they both provide so much, for so little.

Overall Review

Winner: LinkedIn Learning
Thousands of high quality courses available for one subscription fee.
Deciding the winner between Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning is hard because they both offer such an amazing value. However, LinkedIn Learning has such a large library of courses, and yet they are able to sell you access to them for a single monthly subscription. That’s an impressive combination of quality and quantity. Sure, Udemy has a magnitude more courses to choose from, but they vary in quality and you need to buy them individually. With all that said, they are both great services, but if I had to choose one, it would be LinkedIn Learning.

Pros & Cons of Each Service

Both Udemy and LinkedIn Learning are amazing learning services and platforms, but they each have their PROs and CONs. In this section, I have outlined PROs and CONs for both services, specifically with how they compare to each other.

Final Thoughts

In the battle between Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning, the consumer is the winner, because they’re both great learning tools. I can definitely recommend LinkedIn Learning, since they give you a 30 day free trial and access to thousands of courses. Udemy is also good, and honestly just barely missed getting the recommendation here. Regardless of which service you choose, they both have you covered.

Hopefully this deep dive into the comparison of Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning has helped you make a more informed decision. If any of the information above has changed, or you have any additional questions, please send me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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