Springboard VS JohnAcademy Comparison

When choosing between Springboard VS JohnAcademy it can be difficult to know how they stack up against each other. Springboard has a focus on providing hands on mentoring to ensure you learn the material while JohnAcademy is dedicated to giving you the benefits of a being a student, with the convenience of online learning. To help settle the debate, I am going to highlight all the key differences between these platforms in an effort to provide the most complete comparison available.

In this review, I am going to compare Springboard VS JohnAcademy to help you decide which service is the best fit for you. We’ll start with a look at all the features and policies of both services, move onto the subject material that each focuses on, and finish with a review of each aspect of these services.

How do the Features of Springboard Compare Against JohnAcademy?

Number of Courses 40+ 2,000+
Available Ways to PurchasePer CoursePer Course, Subscription
Ability to Purchase Courses Individually YES! YES!
Lowest Priced Courses $0.00 $15.65
Ability to Purchase a Subscription to Multiple Courses as an IndividualNo YES!
Subscription Detailsn/aFrom $99 for 20 courses
Business Plans that can be Purchased Online (Without Contacting a Sales Rep)No YES!
Starting Prices for Business Plansn/a£306 per user per year
Free Trial Offer n/a n/a
Moneyback Guarantee 7 days 30 days
Only Allows Accredited Teachers to Create CoursesNo YES!
Learning Using Videos YES! YES!
Interactive Tasks YES! YES!
Testing & Exams YES! YES!
Earn Certificates YES! YES!
Earn Accredited DegreesNoNo
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Springboard: One on one mentoring that keeps you on track with in-depth courses that fully teach the subject.
While you cannot deny that JohnAcademy has more courses then Springboard, they are both great learning services in their own right.

Springboard: One on one mentoring that keeps you on track with in-depth courses that fully teach the subject. JohnAcademy: The best MOOC in the UK with a large selection of top quality courses.

JohnAcademy: The best MOOC in the UK with a large selection of top quality courses.
Springboard will allow anyone who can prove they have mastered a subject and who pass a basic screening to teach courses on their platform. JohnAcademy is very strict about who can teach their courses, only allowing the best teachers to develop and publish courses. JohnAcademy is more consistent and has higher quality courses when compared against Springboard because JohnAcademy has fewer course creators who were screened heavily, while Springboard allows anyone to create courses.

How do the Subjects Covered by Springboard Compare Against JohnAcademy?

Information Technology Courses YES! YES!
Programming & Coding Courses YES! YES!
Creativity & Design Courses YES! YES!
Business CoursesNo YES!
Marketing CoursesNo YES!
Media CoursesNo YES!
Music & Audio CoursesNo YES!
Data Science Courses YES! YES!
Personal Development CoursesNo YES!
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The JohnAcademy platform covers all the subjects which we write about here LearnOnline.shop. While Springboard doesn't offer courses in all the categories we track, they do cover Information Technology, Programming & Coding, Creativity & Design, Data Science, and a few other things.

Springboard VS JohnAcademy

How do we Rate Springboard VS JohnAcademy?

Course Quality Review 9.9 8.0
Course Selection Review 7.5 8.2
MOOC Platform Review 8.0 8.0
MOOC User Experience Review 8.0 8.0
Value Proposition Review 9.0 9.0
Overall Review 8.5 8.4
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Course Quality Review

Winner: Springboard
Springboard consistently has the higher quality courses.
In my opinion, while both services offer high quality courses, the victor has to be Springboard because they consistently have higher quality courses when compared to JohnAcademy.

Course Selection Review

Winner: JohnAcademy
JohnAcademy has more courses than Springboard.
JohnAcademy has more courses than Springboard. Even though JohnAcademy limits the number of course creators on their platform, while Springboard does not, JohnAcademy manages to have more courses despite this!

Learning Platform Review

Winner: Tied
Both JohnAcademy & Springboard did a good job teaching.
When I talk about platforms, I am talking about the ways that the site teaches you, like video tutorials, interactive projects and hands-on testing, as well as awarding certificates. Both Springboard and JohnAcademy provide amazing learning experiences with their platforms. They are both equally matched in these regards, so I am declaring this a tie.

User Experience Review

Winner: Tied
Both Springboard and JohnAcademy have a good user experience.
When we review the platform, we are looking at the learning angles of the experience, but for the User Experience Review we look at everything else, including the sign-up process, the wait-times, the quality of courses, support, emails, billing and more. Fortunately, both of these websites provide a great overall user experience. The user interfaces are logical enough, signing up is straight forward, support staff reply within a business day and billing is exactly what you would expect. Since neither platform sticks out from the other in these regards, this one is a tie in our books.

Value Proposition Review

Winner: Tied
Both services offer an incredible value for your money.
Value is a subjective thing, so reviewing the value proposition of a learning platform is difficult. In our opinion, both Springboard and JohnAcademy provide a great value for the money you spend. Both services have a great value proposition.

Overall Review

Winner: Springboard
Out of these two great services, Springboard is our choice.
When I write reviews, I like to clearly outline the better choice. In this case, we have two great services, but Springboard managed to take the victory. We recommend Springboard because: One on one mentoring that keeps you on track with in-depth courses that fully teach the subject.

Pros & Cons of Each Service

Both Springboard and JohnAcademy are amazing learning services and platforms, but they each have their PROs and CONs. In this section, I have outlined PROs and CONs for both services, specifically with how they compare to each other.

Final Thoughts

When comparing Springboard VS JohnAcademy we find two high quality learning platforms that have such a different underlying philosophy that it almost makes it an apples vs oranges type of comparison. Springboard is our recommendation, largely due to their focus on providing hands on mentoring to ensure you learn the material, but for some JohnAcademy is still a better fit. Regardless of which of these two that you choose, you are in good hands and can rest assured that if you follow up and put in the work, you will learn new skills and acquire certificates for your resume.

I hope this comparison review has helped you, but if you have any questions please leave a comment or reach out via email. Thanks for reading and happy learning!

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