Khan Academy VS Codecademy Comparison

Comparing Khan Academy VS Codecademy is simple: Codecademy is a place to learn computer programming while Khan Academy is a free learning platform for K-12 studies and basic college fundamentals (including a single course on programming.) Khan Academy provides free courses covering kindergarten, elementary, jr high, high school and college while Codecademy is exclusively geared towards teaching programming using just a browser.

In this comparative overview, I will explore the differences and features of Khan Academy VS Codecademy to help you choose the e-learning site that best suits your educational needs. I do this by listing all features of each platform in side-by-side comparison tables. I also offer my feature reviews from my own first hand, hands-on experience with each platform.

How do the Features of Khan Academy Compare Against Codecademy?

Khan Academy
Number of Courses 90+ 70+
Available Ways to PurchaseAll courses are freeSubscription
Ability to Purchase Courses IndividuallyNoNo
Lowest Priced Courses $0.00 $0.00
Ability to Purchase a Subscription to Multiple Courses as an IndividualNo YES!
Subscription DetailsFree access to all courses with free loginFrom $19.99 per month
Business Plans that can be Purchased Online (Without Contacting a Sales Rep) YES! YES!
Starting Prices for Business PlansFree$240 per user per year
Free Trial Offer n/a 7 day free trial
Moneyback GuaranteeNone None
Only Allows Accredited Teachers to Create Courses YES! YES!
Learning Using Videos YES! YES!
Interactive Tasks YES! YES!
Testing & Exams YES! YES!
Earn CertificatesNo YES!
Earn Accredited DegreesNoNo
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First off, Khan Academy has one course on programming that uses web development (HTML, Javascript, and SQL) to teach the fundamentals of coding. The course is broken down into 8 sections and includes an interactive code environment allowing you to type and test your source code directly inside of Khan Academy. By the end of the 8 part course, you will know the fundamentals of programming, specifically in Javascript. Since it’s free, it’s definitely worth a shot.

However, the same thing can be said of Codecademy, which offers free courses that cover the same basics that Khan Academy’s programming course covers. However, unlike Khan Academy, once those basic courses are over, there are several additional courses on specific languages and more intermediate and advanced topics. Since the basic Codecademy courses are also free, I recommend taking one of them for yourself to see if it appeals to you.

Khan Academy: From kindergarten to college level courses, Kahn Academy covers all the basics.
It is true that Khan Academy has more courses then Codecademy, but that is not the whole story.

Khan Academy: From kindergarten to college level courses, Kahn Academy covers all the basics. Codecademy: Focuses exclusively on teaching coding, providing a platform that is fine-tuned for new and seasoned programmings alike.

Codecademy: Focuses exclusively on teaching coding, providing a platform that is fine-tuned for new and seasoned programmings alike.
Khan Academy does not let just anyone teach their courses, but instead have a strict policy to only allow the best teachers to create one of their courses. Codecademy is very strict about who can teach their courses, only allowing the best teachers to develop and publish courses. Both Khan Academy and Codecademy have similiar quality courses, since they both only allow the most qualified teachers to create courses.

How do the Subjects Covered by Khan Academy Compare Against Codecademy?

Khan Academy
Information Technology Courses YES!No
Programming & Coding Courses YES! YES!
Creativity & Design CoursesNoNo
Business Courses YES!No
Marketing CoursesNoNo
Media CoursesNoNo
Music & Audio CoursesNoNo
Data Science CoursesNoNo
Personal Development CoursesNoNo
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While Khan Academy doesn't offer courses in all the categories we track, they do cover Information Technology, Programming & Coding, Business, and a few other things. Codecademy only provides courses on Programming & Coding, but that is why they excel at teaching it.

If you’re looking to study any basic K-12 or college subject then Khan Academy is a great fit. However, if you’re trying to build a career using computer programming, you should take a look at Codecademy.

Khan Academy is aimed to provide basic educational and schooling courses, while Codecademy provides a virtual coding environment directly in the browser, meaning you don’t need to worry about setting up a development environment. You can even use a Chromebook.

Khan Academy VS Codecademy

How do we Rate Khan Academy VS Codecademy?

Khan Academy
Course Quality Review 7.9 9.0
Course Selection Review 7.5 7.8
MOOC Platform Review 8.0 9.0
MOOC User Experience Review 8.0 9.0
Value Proposition Review 9.9 9.0
Overall Review 8.3 9.0
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Course Quality Review

Winner: Codecademy
Codecademy consistently has the higher quality courses.
While both services do screen their course creators, Codecademy managed to pull off a victory here due to the consistent high quality nature of their courses.

Course Selection Review

Winner: Khan Academy
Khan Academy has more courses than Codecademy.
Khan Academy has more courses than Codecademy. Both services do screen their course creators, but Khan Academy has a larger selection of courses to choose from.

Learning Platform Review

Winner: Codecademy
It was slightly easier to follow along & learn using Codecademy
When I talk about platforms, I am talking about the ways that the site teaches you, like video tutorials, interactive projects and hands-on testing, as well as awarding certificates. While the Khan Academy platform is great, it is not quite as good as Codecademy in my experience. They are both great platform, but Codecademy wins.

User Experience Review

Winner: Codecademy
Codecademy has a slightly better user experience.
When we review the platform, we are looking at the learning angles of the experience, but for the User Experience Review we look at everything else, including the sign-up process, the wait-times, the quality of courses, support, emails, billing and more. As an end user, I found Khan Academy to be a good experience, but the user experience overall using Codecademy was better. I definitely recommend them both, but Codecademy is the winner in this category.

Value Proposition Review

Winner: Khan Academy
Khan Academy offers a better value for most learners.
This is a tough category to judge because value is so subjective and some platforms are better values in certain situations but not others. To that end, in our opinion Khan Academy seems to be the better value for most people, although there are some arguments for Codecademy being a great value as well.

Overall Review

Winner: Codecademy
Out of these two great services, Codecademy is our choice.
When I write reviews, I like to clearly outline the better choice. In this case, we have two great services, but Codecademy managed to take the victory. We recommend Codecademy because: Focuses exclusively on teaching coding, providing a platform that is fine-tuned for new and seasoned programmings alike.

Pros & Cons of Each Service

Both Khan Academy and Codecademy are amazing learning services and platforms, but they each have their PROs and CONs. In this section, I have outlined PROs and CONs for both services, specifically with how they compare to each other.

Final Thoughts

Comparing Khan Academy VS Codecademy is easy because they are both are completely different from each other, they both serve different purposes and they are designed for different audiences.

If you’re trying to learn how to code, then Codecademy is my recommendation because they focus only on teaching programming and nothing else. Khan Academy is still a good resource to learn the basics of coding, but it’s more of a basic educational learning platform that happens to have one coding course.

No matter which service you end up with, each provide an amazing learning platform that can help you learn new skills and advance your career.

Let me know if this comparison review has helped you or if you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and happy learning!

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