edX VS Edureka Comparison

Picking between edX VS Edureka can be difficult, but in this article I am going to outline all the big differences. edX has a focus on bringing university classes anywhere there is internet while Edureka is dedicated to offering courses that are live and lead by a real instructor.

In this review, I am going to compare edX VS Edureka to help you decide which service is the best fit for you. We’ll start with a look at all the features and policies of both services, move onto the subject material that each focuses on, and finish with a review of each aspect of these services.

How do the Features of edX Compare Against Edureka?

Number of Courses 2,261+ 130+
Available Ways to PurchasePer CoursePer Course
Ability to Purchase Courses Individually YES! YES!
Lowest Priced Courses $0.00 $199.00
Ability to Purchase a Subscription to Multiple Courses as an Individual YES!No
Subscription DetailsNo individual subscriptions, $349 per learner for groupsn/a
Business Plans that can be Purchased Online (Without Contacting a Sales Rep) YES!No
Starting Prices for Business Plans$349 per learner*Must discuss w/ sales rep
Free Trial Offer Most courses are FREE, pay for the certificate n/a
Moneyback GuaranteeNone 3 days
Only Allows Accredited Teachers to Create Courses YES! YES!
Learning Using Videos YES! YES!
Interactive Tasks YES! YES!
Testing & Exams YES! YES!
Earn Certificates YES! YES!
Earn Accredited Degrees YES!No
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edX lets you take almost any college course for free or pay for certificates, microdegrees, and even multiple masters degree programs. edX courses are provided from prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT as well as large institutions such as IBM and Google.

Edureka is a totally different type of elearning platform compared to edX since Edureka offers live courses that are offered in real time with an instructor and tutors who are there to help you. Edureka is tech/IT focused, perfect for those looking to progress in programming, sysadmin, devops or other professional computing related careers. If tech/IT is not your thing, then Edureka is not for you.

edX: free college courses that can easily be upgraded for college credit, certificates, or degrees
It is true that edX has more courses then Edureka, but that is not the whole story.

edX: free college courses that can easily be upgraded for college credit, certificates, or degrees Edureka: Live online instructor lead courses & real time support mean you can always reach out if you need a little help on the course.

Edureka: Live online instructor lead courses & real time support mean you can always reach out if you need a little help on the course.
edX does not let just anyone teach their courses, but instead have a strict policy to only allow the best teachers to create one of their courses. Edureka is very strict about who can teach their courses, only allowing the best teachers to develop and publish courses. Both edX and Edureka have similiar quality courses, since they both only allow the most qualified teachers to create courses.

How do the Subjects Covered by edX Compare Against Edureka?

Information Technology Courses YES! YES!
Programming & Coding Courses YES! YES!
Creativity & Design Courses YES!No
Business Courses YES!No
Marketing Courses YES!No
Media Courses YES!No
Music & Audio Courses YES!No
Data Science Courses YES! YES!
Personal Development Courses YES!No
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The edX platform covers all the subjects which we write about here LearnOnline.shop. While Edureka doesn't offer courses in all the categories we track, they do cover Information Technology, Programming & Coding, Data Science, and a few other things.

Edureka uses live instructors and real-time tutors to teach their high tech subjects. Edureka requires multiple staff to teach and tutor each and every course. This is one of the reasons why Edureka focuses only on a small number of career building IT and tech courses.

edX covers all the subjects you would expect any college or university to cover and more. Because they partner with so many universities and institutions, they are able to offer thousands of courses on all the fundamentals as well as many niche and smaller topics.

edX VS Edureka

How do we Rate edX VS Edureka?

Course Quality Review 9.9 9.9
Course Selection Review 8.4 7.9
MOOC Platform Review 9.0 9.9
MOOC User Experience Review 9.0 9.9
Value Proposition Review 9.0 9.0
Overall Review 8.9 9.4
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Course Quality Review

Winner: Tied
Edureka and edX have similiar quality courses.
Both Edureka and edX have high quality courses, but neither of them stand-out against each other in these regards. Rest assured, choosing either service means high quality courses in general.

Course Selection Review

Winner: edX
edX has more courses than Edureka.
edX has more courses than Edureka. Both services do screen their course creators, but edX has a larger selection of courses to choose from.

Learning Platform Review

Winner: Edureka
It was slightly easier to follow along & learn using Edureka
When I talk about platforms, I am talking about the ways that the site teaches you, like video tutorials, interactive projects and hands-on testing, as well as awarding certificates. While the edX platform is great, it is not quite as good as Edureka in my experience. They are both great platform, but Edureka wins.

User Experience Review

Winner: Edureka
Edureka has a slightly better user experience.
When we review the platform, we are looking at the learning angles of the experience, but for the User Experience Review we look at everything else, including the sign-up process, the wait-times, the quality of courses, support, emails, billing and more. As an end user, I found edX to be a good experience, but the user experience overall using Edureka was better. I definitely recommend them both, but Edureka is the winner in this category.

Value Proposition Review

Winner: Tied
Both services offer an incredible value for your money.
Value is a subjective thing, so reviewing the value proposition of a learning platform is difficult. In our opinion, both edX and Edureka provide a great value for the money you spend. Both services have a great value proposition.

Overall Review

Winner: Edureka
Out of these two great services, Edureka is our choice.
When I write reviews, I like to clearly outline the better choice. In this case, we have two great services, but Edureka managed to take the victory. We recommend Edureka because: Live online instructor lead courses & real time support mean you can always reach out if you need a little help on the course.

Pros & Cons of Each Service

Both edX and Edureka are amazing learning services and platforms, but they each have their PROs and CONs. In this section, I have outlined PROs and CONs for both services, specifically with how they compare to each other.

Final Thoughts

First off, Edureka is tech related courses only, so if you’re not looking to study tech and IT related topics, edX is clearly the superior choice. However, if you are looking for tech courses, Edureka is one of the best options around.

Comparing edX VS Edureka reveals both services to be almost equal in most regards. Edureka is our recommendation, largely due to their focus on offering courses that are live and lead by a real instructor, but for some edX is still a better fit. I covered the other differences in this article, but as someone who has used both services quite a bit, it really is difficult to call one better than the other. You really win either way.

I hope this comparison review has helped you, but if you have any questions please leave a comment or reach out via email. Thanks for reading and happy learning!

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