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Free & Fun Online Courses for Kids

As a parent, there is no denying the fact that our children’s education changed drastically in 2020. During my research on remote learning and homeschooling, I compiled a list of free and useful home learning resources for kids and parents. Please leave a comment below if I missed any good resource!

What Free Edureka Courses Are Available?

Edureka courses have a live instructor and live tutors there to help you which is one reason why you shouldn’t expect any free Edureka courses on their website. However, they do upload a ton of free full courses to YouTube which can teach you a lot and allow you to test their course quality without Read more

19 Free HR Courses To Advance Your Career Now

If you’re looking for free online classes on human resources then this is your resource. A friend of mine knows that I take online courses and review them and they happen to work in human resources. Since I’ve been knee deep in all the big online course platforms, I’m writing this article today for her Read more

Are Free Certificates Worth Getting?

Perceived value is often directly proportional to the price we pay for something. For a lot of people, that means something free is basically worthless to them. It is this mental process that make some people think that a free certificate is not worth the effort of acquiring. However, there are a lot of reasons Read more

Free Course: English In Early Childhood

Final Verdict: This is a great course for effectively teaching you how to teach children through fun and play. This is important if you’re trying to teach a child English as a second language, which can be a difficult task since the child is also still learning their native language. This course will give you Read more

List of Expired Free Courses (For Historical Purposes)

I’ve been maintaining a giant list of free certificates and free online courses. When the offer expires or the link goes bad, I was moving those courses to the bottom of the page. However, as the months went by the page grew massively and the list of expired courses just slowed the page down unnecessarily. Read more