Survey Results: COVID-19, Online Courses & Remote Education

Online learning has recently grown in popularity due to the lockdown restrictions of COVID-19. I created a survey that asked whether or not these restrictions have effected the respondent’s likelihood to use online learning courses and classes. There were 40 respondents in total, with 65% of them aged 18 to 49, and the other 35% Read more

15 Things You Can Do Today To Advance Your IT Career Now

Working in IT or as a sysadmin is a worthy goal, but what do you actually need to know to get a job or to advance at your existing workplace? Obviously that answer is going to be different depending on the person and their situation, but in this article, I am going to outline 15 Read more

33 Tips That Sysadmins Wish They Would’ve Learned Sooner

Welcome to the best list of sysadmin tips on the internet! I can write that with confidence because I had a lot of help from hundreds of other sysadmins in writing this article. I’ve been in IT for about 20 years and have learned some valuable lessons over that period. To that end, I wanted Read more

e-courses4you Coupon Codes 2021

Welcome to my e-courses4you discount codes and coupon resource. e-courses4you is a big online learning store that covers many subjects. I maintain this e-courses4you coupon code page regularly, so bookmark this page and check back often. If you discover any amazing discounts or free e-courses4you coupon codes in 2020, please let us all know in Read more

John Academy Coupon Code 2021

Thanks for visiting my John Academy coupons and discount page. John Academy is an online learning platform based in the U.K. I regularly update this page with the latest John Academy discounts and coupon codes, so check back regularly and make sure to bookmark this page. Please let me know in the comments below if Read more

19 Free HR Courses To Advance Your Career Now

If you’re looking for free online classes on human resources then this is your resource. A friend of mine knows that I take online courses and review them and they happen to work in human resources. Since I’ve been knee deep in all the big online course platforms, I’m writing this article today for her Read more

Do Coursera Certificates Expire?

So, you’re clearly wondering do Coursera certificates expire? The answer is: Coursera certificates do not expire due to time passing. Alright, that settles that. End of article, right? Not so fast there… because while it is true that Coursera certificates do not expire, there are still situations that can occur that can cause your certificates Read more

Master of Project Academy Coupon Code 2021

Welcome to our Master of Project Academy Coupons resource page. Master of Project Academy is a website dedicated to training you in the art and science of project management. We update this page with the newest Master of Project Academy coupon codes regularly, so please bookmark this resource and check back regularly. Also let us Read more