33 Tips That Sysadmins Wish They Would’ve Learned Sooner

Welcome to the best list of sysadmin tips on the internet! I can write that with confidence because I had a lot of help from hundreds of other sysadmins in writing this article.

I’ve been in IT for about 20 years and have learned some valuable lessons over that period. To that end, I wanted to help other up and coming sysadmins avoid some of the mistakes I had made when starting.

However, I’m only one person, so I reached out to the community at /r/sysadmin [ reddit.com] and asked everyone there for their tips. I was thankful and shocked at the overwhelming number of tips submitted, with almost 300 responses the first day!

It took me a while to read and sort through all the amazing advice. Here are the 33 best sysadmin tips that came from this group effort. Thanks to everyone from /r/sysadmin who left a comment!


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Are FutureLearn Courses Free? Detailing My 1st-Hand Experiences

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Some of the other 16 platforms I’m using and reviewing are pay-walled with no way to preview the full experience without purchasing a course or buying a subscription upfront. FutureLearn is the opposite of that and offers the majority of it’s courses for free, but what does “free” really mean?

How many free courses and how free are those courses really? In this article, I definitively answer the question: are FutureLearn courses free?

It seems like a simple enough question to answer, but there are a few things to keep in mind which we’ll explore in depth below.


How Much Are Online Courses? Examining 16 Course Providers!

There are free online courses and courses that costs tens of thousands of dollars and every price in-between. I have taken a deep-dive into 16 different online course providers to find out the average online course price, the price ranges you can expect and so much more.

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